Kevin, sales manager for Syroco


Kevin Ouadec joined Syroco in the Spring of 2023, with the mission to lead the commercial development of the company. He is an adventure seeker and this passion fed his dream of travelling around the world. A few years ago, Kevin embarked on an incredible journey around the globe, going from the Americas to Asia and the Middle East, where he travelled along the coast catching rides on merchant ships.

Once he returned to sunny Marseille, where he enjoys windsurfing, Kevin worked several years for startups involved in the maritime industry. These experiences have shaped his vision of the maritime world, giving him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in this field. He gained skills and experience by working closely with major shipping companies.

Full of convictions and with the will to bring his energy at the service of a cause, Kevin joined Syroco with the desire to contribute to the carbon footprint reduction of the shipping industry.

Today, Kevin is Sales Manager at Syroco. Together with the Sales team, he is in charge of the business development for the routing and voyage optimisation software platform. His main missions are to understand ship operators' needs and recommend the best solutions to support their energy efficiency projects.