Press Release

Syroco receives support from Bpifrance to shatter the world sailing speed record

Targeting 150 kph, this first Moonshot, Syroco's pioneering achievement, fosters the development of breakthrough innovation that supports the environmental transition of maritime transportation

Marseille, December 1, 2020 - While the first design elements of Syroco's speedcraft are being unveiled, Bpifrance supports Syroco's ambition by committing to become a partner of the Speed ​​Record challenge. 

The WSSR, at the service of innovation

Syroco, the scientific and technical laboratory, is generating innovation through the achievement of pioneering achievements. Its lab-based organization makes it possible to invent new technologies that will serve the economic and environmental performance of several industries. The first pioneering achievement, referred to as a “Moonshot”, is to shatter the absolute wind-propelled speed record on water - the WSSR (World Sailing Speed ​​Record), currently held by australian sailor Paul Larsen at 121.1 kph on board Sailrocket. 

The 150 kph target set by Syroco is not simply to improve the record, but to shatter it. “This Speed ​​Record challenge can only be addressed by disruptive technologies. We need a completely new concept. And beyond this concept, we have laid the groundwork for a pragmatic vision that reaches beyond a sports record, so that the innovation we generate brings value for the industry, but also for mankind and for the planet,” explains Alex Caizergues, CEO and co-founder of Syroco.

Support from Bpifrance, committed to supporting innovation

Syroco's challenge has received support from Bpifrance, the French Public Investment Bank which is the trusted partner of entrepreneurs and which supports companies’ growth and internationalization through innovation.

“The achievement targeted by Syroco is very ambitious, but also full of meaning, putting extraordinary talents at the service of decarbonation and of the mobility of tomorrow,” said Paul-François Fournier, Executive Director of Innovation at Bpifrance. “Bpifrance is delighted to accompany and support the adventure of this startup, to place ourselves at the heart of its innovation factory, to help them achieve their Moonshot but also to allow our employees to project themselves and learn from this ambition."

“We are very happy to have Bpifrance as part of the team for our challenge and to be able to count on their commitment and support," added Alex Caizergues. "In designing the Speed ​​Record campaign, we have placed particular emphasis on activation by and for partners. This campaign will be successful only if it is a success for all, and especially for our partners." 

Next milestones

After presenting the design of the speedcraft in October 2020, explaining its scientific and technological concepts, and unveiling a scale model during events (held virtually due to the sanitary conditions) followed by several thousands of fans, the Syroco team is currently finalizing the test and qualification campaigns of the speedcraft technical elements.

The next phase will be the launch and test campaigns of a radio-controlled prototype of the speedcraft, tests which will be followed by a European tour to demonstrate the technology and raise awareness of the challenges attached to the environmental transition of maritime transportation. 

All of this, in preparation for the Speed ​​Record campaign, the exact timing of which will be specified at a later date.