Together for Excellence

A few weeks after the release of the v2 of our speedcraft prototype, the Syroco team had a new important milestone: the traditional team building seminar. This 5th gathering since the creation of Syroco was eagerly awaited by all. A great opportunity to sit down together, to reflect on the progress since the beginning of the year, and in anticipation of the coming months.

One of the priorities was to gather team members around the values of Syroco. The venue supported this objective perfectly: combining nature and sea, Rocabella opened its doors for us.

On the agenda, strategic presentations and progress checks, discussions, assessments, with obviously a bit of nautical sports (we never lose our bearings!). It was essential that everyone had an opportunity to speak up: engineers, salespeople, founders, marketers, researchers... A real stimulating time, to strengthen bonds and reinforce alignment.


The team also had the privilege of a discussion with Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, the founder of Criteo: a true example of pioneering spirit and resilience. His testimony inspired the whole team: the difficult times, the challenges faced, the constraints encountered: “there is indeed no miracle recipe for the success of a startup”. But beyond all these steps: a unique experience, the stimulation of collective intelligence, great responsibilities, common passions driven by ambition and conviction. The members of Syroco are more than ever ready to take advantage of this experience of working as a team and to apply even more the advice received on a daily basis.

We are now entering a new phase: the team has indeed discussed several major milestones to come, and now we can't wait to reveal them...

Remain curious and stay tuned to spot them in the coming months!