Victor, Electronics & Embedded Systems Engineer at Syroco

We asked Victor to explain what he does at Syroco and why it matters. Here is what he told us.

Electrical and electronic systems are sometimes underestimated in the reliability of a system. My mission at Syroco is to bring the experience I acquired while working on military land vehicles to improve the existing installation.

My arrival coincided with the freeze of the various systems, which allowed me to undertake the design and production of an electronic card that would bring all the control and command blocks in a single box.


We then decided to carry out overall maintenance of the wiring and power distribution to ensure optimum reliability. Thus, I unfolded the development process: electrical diagram, choice of connectors and components, design of 3D harnesses using specialized software and finally drawing.

The actual making of the wiring is a tedious task where rigor and precision are essential. You have to start with a nailboard before you can pull each of the individual wires between its two ends. Gradually, the bundle takes shape, the strands are created and the branches can be bound all along with a pre-impregnated tape. The transformation of the harness between its raw appearance on the board and its assembly in the prototype is exhilarating.


Each harness is protected according to the environment it will encounter during navigation. Some are bare, others protected by anti-abrasion sheaths and glued at each end to prevent any water infiltration.

I am proud to contribute every day to making our prototype more reliable so that we can go through the tests which bring us closer to the record!