New version of Syroco EfficientShip, the simulation platform for optimising the energy efficiency of ships

Thanks to their support of new modelling techniques, digital twins support broader use cases to reduce the environmental footprint of maritime transportation.

Marseille, March 23, 2023 - Syroco, the Climate Tech startup that supports the energy transition of maritime transportation, announced today the immediate availability of a new version of its EfficientShip digital twin platform. Thanks to the use of new modelling techniques supported by the solution, this version makes it possible to create and deploy digital twins of ships that are already in operation.

In addition to data generated by digital simulation techniques (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics), already supported by previous versions of the solution, the new version of the software platform uses digital twins of ships that are created from sensor data collected on board, and physical characteristics of the hull.

“Previously, our customers needed to have access to precise simulation data to be able to create a digital twin of their vessel,” explained Olivier Taillard, CTO and co-founder of Syroco. “On recently-built ships, or ships currently in the design office, these elements are readily available, but on older ships already in operation, it is often difficult to generate them. Thanks to the new types of data supported by EfficientShip, users will be able to extend the use cases of the solution.”

The digital twins are built using the physical characteristics of the hull (waterline length, ship breadth, draught, shape of the bulb, etc.) and technical data from vessel operations (IoT data from on-board sensors, analysis of fuel consumption, speed, weather and sea conditions, etc.). This data, processed by artificial intelligence algorithms, generates models that are assembled in the digital twins of ships.

Also taking into consideration conventional or hybrid engines, wind propulsion systems, on-board energy consumption, interactions between systems, etc., these digital twins are used to assess and improve ship efficiency.

Syroco EfficientShip has applications for fleet operators and shipbuilders, that include ship operation assistance through onboard deployments, large-scale simulation of scenarios in the design office, and evaluation and optimisation of fleet performance,” said Alex Caizergues, CEO and co-founder of Syroco. “We are proud today to support global shipping companies as well as local players in their commitment to decarbonise their activity.”