Geogas confirms deployment of Syroco's weather routing and voyage optimisation platform

After a three-month test on flagship LPG carriers Jean Raspail and Freycinet, gas logistics company attests to the performance of Syroco platform for improving efficiency of operations.

Marseille, May 28, 2024 - Syroco, the Climate Tech startup which supports the energy transition of maritime transport, announced today that Geogas, the leading providers of safe, secure supply and seaborne logistics to the Liquefied Petroleum Gas industry, has confirmed their commitment to Syroco’s weather routing platform

Geogas initially deployed Syroco Live in January 2024 on the two largest vessels in their fleet, Jean Raspail and Freycinet. Both LPG carriers, 230 metre long, launched in 2022 and are each capable of carrying 90000 cubic metres of gas. After 3 months of operational usage, the results delivered by the solution convinced the company to commit to a long term deployment. 

Antoine Ratouis, Innovation Manager at Geogas, explained: “The LPG shipping business operates under very specific constraints, both technical and commercial, that the Syroco platform integrates well. The solution provides invaluable assistance to captains and fleet operations to meet their operational targets, and deliver cargo in a safe and timely manner.”

Complete solution for crews and fleet operations

In addition to Syroco Live, the web-based software solution deployed on-board vessels and used by crews, the startup offers Syroco Onwatch, a voyage monitoring and assistance service that provides captains and officers with decision making support and performance analysis. 

Captain Nicolas Campan, Master of the Jean Raspail, confirmed: “The Syroco Onwatch team are helping us analyse the routing solutions computed by Syroco Live and better understand the options available in terms of arrival time, sea conditions, etc. When faced with challenging weather systems, the voyage briefings they provide are precious tools to support our decision process.” 

Digital twin, data and artificial intelligence

Leveraging precise weather and sea data, Syroco uses a digital twin of the vessel, driven by data and machine learning, to calculate optimised routing at any time. The proposed route, updated as often as necessary, takes into account operating constraints including arrival time, seakeeping, safety of navigation, and cargo-specific operational parameters. 

Alex Caizergues, CEO and co-founder of Syroco, added: “With a fleet of 60 vessels, either directly owned or chartered, Geogas is placing a premium on a solution that is fast to deploy and easy to use by crews, and that delivers accurate simulation through high-fidelity models. We are proud to embark on this partnership and to help the company improve their operations.”