Syroco helps Marfret reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Syroco EfficientShip has been deployed for several months on board the Marfret Niolon. Optimised ocean routing and real-time voyage optimisation are generating up to 14% fuel and emissions savings.


Marseille, November 28th, 2023 - Syroco, the Climate Tech startup that supports the energy transition of maritime transportation, announced that Marfret has deployed Syroco EfficientShip on the Marfret Niolon in order to optimise the vessel's energy efficiency and reduce her fuel consumption and carbon emissions during voyages.

Operating on a Le Havre-Antwerp-French Guiana-Caribbean route, Marfret Niolon is a 123-metre Ro-Ro vessel equipped with conventional propulsion, supplemented by wind assistance (4 eConowind wings) installed in 2022.

Leveraging precise weather and sea data, Syroco EfficientShip uses a digital twin of the vessel, driven by data and artificial intelligence, to calculate optimised routing at any time in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while accounting for operational constraints such as compliance with arrival time, seakeeping conditions, etc.

The route chosen by the crew is displayed on the bridge through the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the on-board application, specially designed for use in any operational conditions. Beyond the route sailed and en-route weather conditions, the application delivers real-time voyage optimisation recommendations, including engine speed, rudder angle, and deployment of wind assistance.

Guillaume Vidil, Managing Director of Marfret, indicated: “Syroco EfficientShip was quickly adopted by our crews, because it is a valuable tool which allows them to get the most out of their ship to achieve secure and optimised voyages. The fuel reduction we observed during the last few months is very encouraging, and aligns with our decarbonisation strategy.”

Alex Caizergues, CEO and co-founder of Syroco, confirmed: “Syroco EfficientShip is used on board the ship throughout the voyage, representing the most cutting-edge solution to effectively support crews in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of their ship. We are proud to work on this deployment with Marfret, a dynamic company committed to the energy transition of maritime transport.”